BOII is music producer Joshua Hoisington and singer-writer Adam Welsh.

BOII (pronounced Boy) was a name Josh suggested when he noticed that Adam had, rather unintentionally, written lot of songs from the perspective of a paternal figure towards either a son or a young man. “We use two I’s instead of a Y because there’s two of us, and historically, the BOII were a Gallic tribe during the iron age. While this is pretty cool, and there is a folk influence to our music- it’s just a coincidence. BOII is more to do with the idea of an inner child. And how we never really grow up. How an adult is just a made-up thing. And how it’s sometimes better to be a BOII. There’s this German word Sehnsucht, which is almost impossible to translate, but it literally means “longing”. More specifically, it is unrequited longing that is preferable to the fulfillment of any human desire. Difficult to express in words, but we want to write those sorts of songs; songs that bridge the gap between your desire, and the thing you long for that you can't have. Music seems to be the best expression of this.

Michigan born, Brooklyn based Hoisington was on the lookout for a singer to collaborate with on his next and most ambitious project to date. Welsh, originally from the North East of England, now based in London, was performing in the avant-garde and award-winning theatre show LIPPY on the lower east side of New York when he was approached by Hoisington. They began making music in spite of the 3000-mile distance between them.

Their music is a unique blend of Emotive House, Outsider Pop and Modern Folk, enriched by their respective transatlantic backgrounds. Welsh brings the edge of the contemporary music scene from London, coupled with a passion for storytelling honed during years of practice as a theatre maker. While Hoisington’s productions are staggeringly fresh, deeply considered and comprehensive works in their own right. Together, their music is important, visceral and totally unique. BOII look set to be not just the new, but the only BOII’s on the block.